Google Play Music

Google Play Music

Access music offline or streaming online

Google Play Music is a combination of a device-based music player and streaming music utility. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • Simple setup
  • Offline and online usability


  • Requires data connection for best use
  • Will import artist even if already on device


Google Play Music is a combination of a device-based music player and streaming music utility.

Smart recommendations

Functioning both on smartphones and tablets, Google Play Music provides users a way to access large amounts of music through a Wi-Fi or data connection.

Google Play Music sorts music files through different options like: recent, artists, albums, songs, playlists, and genres. It also has options for adding songs to playlists or searching for more information about the artist online. You can create a radio based on a song, artist or album that you like and Google Play Music will then recommend you songs based on your likes.

The app includes Listen Now, which shows recently played music and improved recommendations, as well as allowing you to pick a radio station according to mood or activity (examples being running, happy or going out). The queue can also understand where you are playing the music from - whether that be a playlist, an album or something else.

You can also purchase the music from Google Play and then share this with friends.

Impressive streaming quality

Essentially, users do not have to have any music on their device in order to play music, and they can stream music to their device over a data connection by using cloud storage. Music uploaded can then be downloaded to the device for offline listening.

The quality of the streaming music can be changed within the options as well as streaming via Wi-Fi only. The streaming quality of Google Play Music is impressive. There were no issues playing high quality 320 kbps songs.

All your music in one place

Google Play Music is the perfect combination of offline music player and personal online streaming service.

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